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"Hands down, the most stunning visuals ever seen in a ClanLib powered game!" - Cactaur

This site is dedicated to the development and playing of the worlds latest and greatest over head shooter XenoHammer. XenoHammer is powered by the awesome ClanLib game libraries. 

Download the executable now! 

News Updates * NEW *

2002 IGF Student Showcase Selections!
    That's right folks XenoHammer has made it into the IGF conference as a student showcase selection! Hop on over and have a look 

Sorry for the delay but now it is here: XenoHammer Alpha release
    Codename XenoHammerGL 
November 20th, 2001

We had a bit of delay getting this up on the web and setup in enough different servers that you guys could all get to it at once, but here it is! XenoHammer Alpha release! A.K.A. XenoHammerGL.

   XenoHammerGL November  7th, 2001

Prepare yourself for ...

- 1 campaign to save Earth from imminent destruction
- 3 frenzied levels, culminating in a fierce battle with a massive final boss
- 5 unique enemies, each with different AI

Expect only the best ...

- Original heart-pounding soundtrack synchronized with the action
- High Quality pre-rendered sprites
- OpenGL used for real-time lighting and particle effects
- Advanced particle system

You alone, must ...

- Pilot a highly customizable ship against death defying odds 
- Collect resources during missions to purchase amazing upgrades for the XenoHammer
- Visit the mission briefing area to see the XenoHammer Ship Specifications, 
learn the history behind the alien invasion and prepare for battle with pre-flight briefings

    XenoHammerGL to go Alpha November 19th! October 30th, 2001

    According to our sources at Georgia Tech XenoHammerGL is said to be going Alpha November 19th. As always you  can check back here for news updates and  the newest downloads of XenoHammer.

     "These guys are crazy!" XenoHammerGL? October 30h, 2001 

    That's right kids those crazy guys at Cult of Cactaur are reportedly working on a  GL version of XenoHammer (still in development). It is said that there will be some cool new effects added in the GL version not available in the normal version. Such as Particle effects for engine glow, more "energy like" weapons, visible shields, and realistic explosions. Some other benefits of GL is hardware support for blazingly high Frame Rates and dynamic lighting effects. 

    "Hands down, the most stunning visuals ever seen in a ClanLib powered game!" - Cactaur

- (ok so just check back here and download it)


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