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Tips and hints for XenoHammer


How to fight against different types of fighters:

1. Light Fighter - these guys are quick but have weak armor so one good shot should take them down just keep moving because as soon as they turn and see you they will fire.

2. Gun Ship - These guys have two wing cannons and they aren't afraid to use them... they hover at the top of the screen and unleash a flurry of fire whenever you get underneath them, and if that weren't enough when they decide they have had enough they try and plow into you!

3. Heavy Fighters - You won't see these guys till the second level and be glad because by then you should have powered up your ship. They have 3 times the armor of the Light Fighters, but are just as quick. These guys tend to stick together where the light fighters broke off and attacked from all angles.

4. Capital Ship - this guy shows up in level two. He is a big guy and has six separate destructible parts. he has a body, two wings, two turrets, and a forward bridge. The forward bridge is way stronger than the rest and it has a weapon that will eat a quarter of you health if you get hit so try not to. the turrets track you all over the screen and fire periodically and do significant damage. The trick is that you have to blow up the body in order to kill the whole thing. Oh and don't run into it or you'll instantly die.

5. The Nexus Core - your main objective for this mission is at the end of level 3 and it is massive! It has 20 separate destructible parts. The only thing I can say is you have to destroy the outer nodes to destroy the shield and stop it from jamming your Homing abilities.